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IMPORTANT UPDATE: West Vancouver unanimously passed a resolution on January 26, 2015 that “… all vendors of retail petroleum products in Canada be legislated to provide warning labels on all pump handles…”. [Full text here]. Global TV called it a historic Canadian first [video of news report here]. On top of this, the Mayor of West Vancouver owns gas stations and will be voluntarily putting them on his own pumps! This is a community with amazing leadership. While we are still encouraging municipalities to pass the idea into law using their licensing powers [legal report here], we are finding that cities and towns across Canada are all saying, “We can support the West Vancouver resolution.” The resolution does not carry the same legal, financial, or political risk as does passing the idea directly into law so councils are much more receptive. The resolution will be voted on at the June 2016 Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities conference in September 2015. We will be working hard between now and then to secure identical resolutions from communities across Canada [hint: DONATE]. Our idea would then become the official position of cities and towns across Canada and provide senior levels of government with the political cover they need to implement the idea into law. The game plan is to create a national precedent that would then encourage countries all over the world to follow Canada’s leadership much like what happened with the tobacco warning labels. We’ve done this before, Canada. Let’s do it again, eh? More to follow… Rob.


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