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What if a Simple Sticker Could Change the World? Interview by The WILD Magazine

August 23, 20130 Comments

Below is a candid interview with Rob Shirkey, Executive Director of Our Horizon by Blaine Skrainka, Senior Editor of New York-based The Wild Magazine. The interview was published at The WILD Magazine on August 20, 2013. Unfortunately, The WILD Magazine’s website is not accessible from Canada, so the interview has been reproduced here. “What if […]

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Art and a Living Planet

August 14, 2013

In the world of activism, it’s often important to take a step back at times, perhaps go for a walk and gaze up at the sky, in order to remember what you’re really fighting for. When you say it just in words, it sounds so deceptively simple: “a living planet”; “future generations”; “a fair, just […]

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China combats climate change

June 7, 2013

Part of what we do involves being out in the community and talking to folks about climate change. Lots of people are happy to chat, and in our travels we often encounter a familiar phrase: “Isn’t it China? Doesn’t all the carbon come from over there?” First of all, we’ve never seen the actions of […]

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We Can Do Better

May 30, 2013

Our actions have impacts on our environment, which has limits to what it can take – beyond which we really start to feel those impacts. This may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s these very obvious, common sense concepts that we have the hardest time grasping – so it’s worth repeating. Earlier this month, one astonished […]

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