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Images Are Powerful Communicators

May 28, 2013

Ask any storyteller and they’ll tell you: images are a powerful way to communicate an idea. Why do images work? Vision is our dominant sense. Seeing takes up to 50% of our brain’s resources, making us literally hardwired to respond to images. While you can argue that text is also visual, it’s images that do […]

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Facing Our Addiction

May 24, 2013

“We have an addiction to fossil fuels, and it’s not sustainable.” –    David MacKay, Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change To many of us, this statement seems obvious, and we’ve heard it echoed a million times. Fossil fuels are finite, and clearly can’t be used forever, and though useful […]

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Why we’ve already won.

May 20, 2013

People have been asking me: “What are your indicators of success? What are your milestones?” Similar questions come up in grant applications. The answers they’re typically looking for include: X number of emails sent through our system, Y dollars raised, a community passing our by-law, another country taking on our campaign, etc. We’re a bit […]

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Welcoming the Team — Meet Penny…

May 17, 2013

Our Horizon would like to extend a warm welcome to Penny who joined the team as Chief of Communications a few weeks ago. Rob asked her a few poignant questions to get to know her a bit better… Look forward to frequent blog posts from our team starting next week. Tell me a bit about […]

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