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rexfeatures_1735153iWith over 42 million followers, Justin Bieber is the most popular person on Twitter.

Each morning, for 365 days, we will send him a unique tweet. If you purchase a Bieber 365 Perk at our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, one of these tweets can include your name!

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 10.37.08 AMSample tweets:

.@justinbieber “Never Say Never” keeps us going. Let’s change the world together. cc @YourName #FaceTheChange

.@justinbieber Just drank a breakfast smoothie. It was smooth. But not as smoothie as your dance moves. cc YourName

All tweets will be posted to our website for the sake of future generations.

Tweets for Posterity

August 5, 2013: .@justinbieber We have tix with @gabyleith for Stratford Festival in your hometown. Wanna see Hamlet then go for some Arby’s? #Bieber365

August 6, 2013: .@justinbieber 97% of scientists agree that Meagan’s gluten-free red velvet cake is real. She just made some. Wanna come over? #FaceTheCake

August 14, 2013: .@justinbieber You sung once: “Can you tell me how I can make a change?” We’ve got just the answer: Pls RT

August 15, 2013: .@justinbieber “I’m not a fighter by nature, but, if I believe in something, I stand up for it” Stand up! Pls RT

August 16, 2013: .@justinbieber “My mind is always racing.” Ours too! Mostly cause we’re worried about climate change. Help us to #FaceTheChange. Pls RT

August 17, 2013: .@justinbieber Time to change the world again! One small tweet to keep us Beliebin’. Pls RT

August 18, 2013: .@justinbieber A little bit of love can go a long way. Let’s make history together. Time to face #climatechange and step up our game. Pls RT

August 19, 2013: .@justinbieber Wanna shift markets to create the world of our dreams? Wanna see a world with better cars? subways? transport? #FaceTheChange

August 20, 2013: .@justinbieber Climate change. Failing markets. Externalities. All big things we capture in our small idea. Pls RT

August 21, 2013: .@justinbieber Some ppl think it’s too late to change the world. We say, Never Say Never. Let’s #FaceTheChange Pls RT

August 22, 2013: .@justinbieber Gotta look #climatechange right in the eye to solve this one. We’re the medicine to the problem Pls RT

August 23, 2013: .@justinbieber Every day we become more committed to changing the world. Our values are honesty, courage. Pls RT

August 24, 2013: .@justinbieber Another Saturday morning – what are we doing on Twitter? Trying to change the world Show some love, RT

August 25, 2013: .@justinbieber U once said: “I’m looking forward to influencing others in a positive way.” Here’s a chance: Pls RT

August 26, 2013: .@justinbieber “I close my eyes and I can see a better day.” Open ur eyes: we’re here to make that day happen: Pls RT

August 27, 2013: .@justinbieber “Change is coming my way” You’re right! The end of one era, the start of a new one: Make a change, RT

August 28, 2013: .@justinbieber Every generation needs its heroes – is it you? Morality + economics = market shift: Be a hero, RT 🙂

August 29, 2013: .@justinbieber Morality + science + love + economics = massive shift! We all know people can do better: Pls RT

August 30, 2013: .@justinbieber Music & #ClimateAction go together like apples and pie. Let’s cook up a better future together! Pls RT

August 31, 2013: .@justinbieber “I’m on some Risky Business” – so are we! We’re pushing world-changing work u know Give us a hand, RT?

September 1, 2013: .@justinbieber new famous saying: “don’t retreat, retweet!” Let’s spread good around: Gonna win this thing w ur help!

September 2, 2013: .@justinbieber 8 days to go! Wanna meet up on our tour to #changetheworld? We’ll keep a seat free just in case Pls RT

September 3, 2013: .@justinbieber Sample lyrics to keep us going: “Only got one planet, time to defend it!” Can u help us do better? RT

September 4, 2013: .@justinbieber Be a superhero and check out our great Canadian perks!: We’ll get you smthing to remind you of home 🙂

September 5, 2013: .@justinbieber Who knew doing good cld be so much fun? Spread our message and get smiled on by the angels: Pls RT

September 6, 2013: .@justinbieber We all want to beliebe in a better world – help make it happen superhero: Chat soon? RT?

September 7, 2013: .@justinbieber You know what it feels like to be a little different? Sometimes it’s a very good thing: Pls support/RT

September 8, 2013: .@justinbieber What’s it feel like to get support from the best? Pretty darn amazing: Add your voice to the choir, RT

September 9, 2013: .@justinbieber Sometimes changing the world’s as easy as 1-2-click! Show us some love, we’ll sing a song for it! RT

September 10, 2013: .@justinbieber Love the feeling of windows down & wind in your hair? With better transport, can keep enjoying it: RT

September 11, 2013: .@justinbieber “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it…” Oops! Released too many emissions! A market signal fixes that:

September 12, 2013: .@justinbieber One day left to make it happen Biebs – the green mountains will sing your praises!… Pls RT

September 13, 2013: .@justinbieber Ever watch Carebears? “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Show us some of that willpower Biebs, RT

September 14, 2013: .@justinbieber That blue, blue sky up there is just waiting for you to protect it – & all the people living under RT

September 15, 2013: .@justinbieber “I never did Belieeeeb in miracles… but I’ve a feeling it’s time to try.” Good ol’ Fleetwood Mac: RT

September 16, 2013: .@justinbieber “Don’t… stop… thinkin’ about tomorrow! Don’t… stop… it’ll soon be here!” RT

September 17, 2013: .@justinbieber Our warning label is like a D on a report card, encouraging you to do better. The reward? The world RT

September 18, 2013: .@justinbieber “Waste not, want not” Remember that old expression? This encourages us to use our resources wisely: RT

September 19, 2013: .@justinbieber How’d we go from wooden planes to a man on the moon? By challenging industry to do better: Pls RT

September 20, 2013: .@justinbieber “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Remember that? Wise words from a wise old man: Pls RT

September 21, 2013: .@justinbieber If music can be remixed, why can’t energy? A better energy mix can help us solve #climatechange Pls RT

September 22, 2013: .@justinbieber What’s it gonna take to create the world we wanna create? Sometimes, change is good: Pls RT

September 23, 2013: .@justinbieber “What goes up, must come down” Keep us from heading in that direction. Go 2 to change the world Pls RT

September 24, 2013: .@justinbieber Now’s the time for courage, action and solidarity – let’s show the world what we’re made of: Pls RT

September 25, 2013: .@justinbieber Fact: Justin Bieber will be 67 yrs old when Canada phases out conventional coal power

September 26, 2013: .@justinbieber Each of us has got a legacy – let’s take every chance we can to make it count: Pls RT

September 27, 2013: .@justinbieber IPCC speaks the truth: time for us all to #StandUpForScience to defend it. Great solution at: Pls RT

September 28, 2013: .@justinbieber Riddle: “What’s birds & bees got to do with the IPCC?” Everything! Address harm, solve problem: Pls RT

September 29, 2013: .@justinbieber Remember in high school, when we all really looked up to our science teachers… WHAT HAPPENED? Pls RT

September 30, 2013: .@justinbieber Millions vulnerable to changing climate. Even #DiCaprio stood up. Ready to take a stand 4 life? Pls RT

October 1, 2013: .@justinbieber Wanna meet at UW for a climate change talk and a little Q&A? Students everywhere getting pumped Pls RT

October 2, 2013: .@justinbieber Commitment is measured by our ability to connect, love, support each other – our idea does that Pls RT

October 3, 2013: .@justinbieber Catch the great #SarahHarmer concert rocking to Stop Line 9? Our idea will help the cause: Pls RT

October 4, 2013: .@justinbieber Ever wonder why you’ve been placed on this earth? To get real on #climatechange and save it! Pls RT

October 5, 2013: .@justinbieber How can you solve a problem that you can’t see? Help the world to see #climatechange: Pls support/RT

October 6, 2013: .@justinbieber We only got one world… and don’t you love it? Our #climatechange idea helps protect it all: Pls RT

October 7, 2013: .@justinbieber How can you solve a problem you’re not aware of? Climate awareness labels help connect the dots Pls RT

October 8, 2013: .@justinbieber Let’s remember that it’s the problem of climate change that’s radical, NOT its solutions: Pls support

October 9, 2013: .@justinbieber HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Time to give thanks for this beautiful planet & stand up for #climatechange Pls RT

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