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Municipal World is read by municipal staff and elected officials across Canada. Founded in 1891, it is the most influential publication in Canada’s municipal sector and is the oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world. Our executive director Rob Shirkey wrote articles that appeared in their March and April 2015 issues. Our proposal is now hitting the desks of key decision-makers at the municipal level across the country.

March 2015 article: “Creating a New ‘Normal’: Using air pollution labels on gas pumps as a step in addressing climate challenges”

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“The act of going to a gas station and filling up a car has been normalized for several generations. The warning labels take this unexamined act and de-normalize it. By creating a sense of dissatisfaction with the prevailing mobility solution, they stimulate demand for alternatives and shape a social environment that favours reform.”

April 2015 article: “Update on Pump Handle Labelling: District of West Vancouver unanimously passes resolution requesting legislation”

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“Communities across Canada now have an easy, tangible way to come together to support a national precedent for the world to follow. Imagine if a simple, inexpensive Canadian policy idea ended up transforming the world.”

September 2013 article: “Can municipalities require climate warning labels on gasoline?” – by Dianne Saxe

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(Note: this article was written by Dr. Dianne Saxe, a leading environmental lawyer in Canada and recognized as one of the top environmental lawyers in the world).

“Perhaps fortunately, burning gasoline does more than just damage the climate. It also has more clearly local impacts, such as on air quality and on the urban heat island effect. The combined effect of these local impacts, and the real local pain caused by climate change as a whole, could be enough of a municipal nexus to support a labelling bylaw.”

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