Our Vision

Our vision

Our climate change labelling idea is perhaps the lowest cost climate intervention on the planet; paradoxically, we think it will be among those with the highest impact. To understand its potential, please watch Rob’s recent AVICC lecture on YouTube or download his recent Municipal World articles.

Since launching this campaign in early 2013, we have received emails about it from all over the world. Being evocative of the tobacco warning labels that exist in countries all over the world, our concept has truly been primed to go global.

Our idea is now getting legislative traction in Canada and the U.S.  In April 2015, the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities, a regional body made up of 51 member municipalities voted to “support, and will implement where possible, legislation to require retailers of petroleum products to provide plastic sleeves (nozzle talkers) with [climate change] warning labels on pump handles for all fossil based liquid fuels.” The vote is genuinely historic and important on a global scale.

We want to continue to build on this momentum by securing funding for a small team to push the idea in Canada, the U.S., and abroad. To achieve this, Rob is planning on doing a 4-month speaking tour in North America and Europe that would lead up to presentations in Paris this December at the United Nations’ COP21 climate change conference. We want to inspire young people to advocate for this idea in their own communities and create examples for the world to follow.

Are you interested in supporting a small team of dedicated youth who want to change the world? Please get in touch at supporters@ourhorizon.org to learn more!

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