A simple sticker

label-low_3Our proposal.

Warning labels on gas pump nozzles similar to those on tobacco packages.

Does the dead duck covered in oil upset you?

Good. That’s the idea. Now imagine you see a picture like this every time you gas up your vehicle. How soon would it be before people demanded more of governments and industry? Facing our challenge is a necessary first step to meaningful action.

The law.

Municipalities in Ontario have the authority to require gasoline retailers to place warning labels on gas pump nozzles. Please see our Legal Report for more information. Instead of lobbying an unresponsive federal government for change, we’re going to empower 4,000 municipalities across Canada.

The database.

We have a database that has every single municipal councillor’s email in all of Canada. This website allows you to email a letter to your local representatives with the click of a button. If you like our idea, share it on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word.

It’s pro-market.

We’re not prescribing anything; we just want to supply the market with relevant information and let the market do its thing.

It will go global.

Passing this by-law will create a global precedent. When it happens, it will make international headlines. Historians will one day point to a Canadian community and a few brave councillors that forever changed the course of human history.

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