Advocacy Action Kit

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Briefing Note Please share this four page briefing note with your representatives as a backgrounder to the idea. Download
Campaign Starter Guide Our step-by-step guide for getting our by-law passed in your community. Go here
Template email Use this email to reach out to your councillors about our project. You can modify it to reflect your concerns. Be sure to follow-up with a phone call and ask if you can get it on the agenda so you can speak to it for a few minutes. Download
Municipal World articles Please attach these two articles about our project to your correspondence with councillors. They're a great overview of our concept from a trusted source. March PDF and April PDF
Petition One way of getting support in your community before pitching the idea to your councillors is to get your friends to sign a petition. Download
Watch youth pitch our idea Youth across Canada are pitching our idea to their councils. Watch these YouTube videos of their presentations. The first two are in English and the last one is in French. Hayley Emily Mylène
Powerpoint Presentation Our 5-minute slideshow. Please use this when doing talks and giving presentations. You can adapt the slide show to fit the length of time you've been for your talk. Download
Rob's TEDx Talk This is a short talk intro to our idea to share with councillors and friends. People really like TEDx talks so this is a great video to share. It was filmed in November 2013 in Toronto. Here's the link
Rob's Lecture This is a longer lecture by Rob that was filmed at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto in May 2016. A great resource for those who want to learn more. Here's the link
Legal Report This 40-page document provides research on our concept and a legal analysis for the by-law. This is the most important document to give to your municipal councillors and staff. Download
Infosheet Our one-page infosheet contains a brief summary of our project and is very useful for tabling and presentations. Please print it double-sided and in colour for greatest impact. Download
Promotional Poster Is Rob coming to your community to do a talk? Modify the date & location on this poster and save it as a PDF to email to councillors & friends to invite to the talk. Feel free to swap out our logo with your own if you have one. Download
Exhibit Panels These infographic exhibit panels present our idea in greater depth. They are a miniaturized version of our travelling exhibit. Download
Signup Sheet Print these forms to collect contact information as you do outreach. Type up the info in a spreadsheet and email it to us so we can send updates. The emails you collect will be really important to help notify supporters to come to city hall when the idea is being debated. Download

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