Think Beyond The Pump (USA)


think-beyond-the-pump-headerJamie Brooks is the campaign manager for Oakland, California-based Think Beyond the Pump, an offshoot campaign that collaborates with Our Horizon in the United States. Think Beyond the Pump currently has pending legislation to require ‘climate risk labels’ on gas pumps in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Monica. Jamie Brooks is a graduate student in Communications Studies at San Francisco State University. His research paper, “The Role of Public Opinion Formation in Climate Change Mitigation Policies”, which was recently accepted at the Western States Communication Association conference, explores how the use of climate risk disclosure labels on gas pumps can shift public opinion towards pro-climate policy.

We’re grateful to be collaborating with Jamie and other advocates in the United States to help spread the climate change labels for gas pumps in jurisdictions beyond Canada.

Learn more by watching the video below. You can reach Jamie at

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